Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

Our professional team can address almost anything that relates to your home which range from drafting architectural blueprints, budgeting, renovation and interior design.

Which area do your renovation project covering?

At the moment we will be covering Klang Valley area only.

How long does your company had operate?

Our management is 2 years but we do have 4-5 years experiences in this field or services

Which type of package is suitable for my unit?

We offer Basic, Medium and Premier Packages based on customer budget, sqft and etc.

Do you have breakdown price for each item?

We apologise that there will be no breakdown prices for items as it come as package. However, if you wish to remove or add on, we can adjust it for you.

If add on or modify item, will there be additional charges?

Yes, there will be additional charges. However it will still depends on what items to be added or modifed.

What is the material that use for all the cabinet?

We are using Melamine material / MFC.

How long does a typical renovation work take?

Subjective. It will depends to package selection. For full-home renovation works, it generally will takes about 4-6 months while for a minor renovation will range from 2 weeks. It is anyhow subject to complexity of design as per customer request

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we do offer 12 months warranty for the promotion packages we offered. Waranty shall on material and installation defects only. Damages due to intention or unintentional action shall not subject to any warranty.